Significant Severe Weather Possible

April 22, 2010

Hi all! It’s been awhile. I really only have time to keep this blog updated when significant weather is on the way. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) things have been quite peaceful over the last several weeks.

There are two distinct threats for severe weather in the next 60 hours. The first shows up tomorrow afternoon through early evening. The atmosphere will be primed for severe weather, with plenty of wind shear through the lowest several thousand feet, plenty of moisture, and loads of instability. This along with a weak impulse in the atmosphere will combine to form scattered supercell thunderstorms from around 2:00-9:00 P.M on Friday. These storms will only cover 30-40% of the area, but those areas can expect a high threat for severe weather. The most likely locations will be west and north of Alexandria, though the possibility for severe weather will be areawide.

The more widespread threat will come after 4:00 A.M Saturday morning. From around 4:00 A.M until 1:00 P.M a large squall line will form and march across the area. Unfortunately there will be the threat for isolated supercells ahead of this line. This is when our tornado threat will be greatest. The squall line will contain all modes of severe weather, from hail, to high wind, to isolated tornadoes.

This is a potentially high end severe event. You’ll want to keep the tube on and keep yourself posted as this event unfolds. Some areas could see several different severe storms over a 24 hour period. Crazy stuff! I’ll be in Shreveport tomorrow and early Saturday. Should conditions really ripen up, I may find myself roaming east Texas or northern Louisiana in search of some good storms to photograph. I’ll post pics if that ends up happening! Stay safe!



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