Winter Storm Warning

February 23, 2010

Another set of model runs, and I’m still unimpressed. The latest runs were a bit drier, though I still think they are too dry with the kind of set up we’ll have. The fact remains that the lower levels of the atmosphere will be too warm to support snow initially, and by the time we cool off enough, the deepest moisture should be on the way out. If I were forecasting for the area, I’d likely call for an inch or less of snow in most areas, with some isolated spots up to 2 inches from northern Vernon paris into Sabine, and parts of western Natchitoches parish. Please remember that the National Weather Service is calling for 1-2 1/2 inches of snow with this storm for us. They are also saying that roads could become quite treacherous by late tonight. I really respect that team of meteorologists. I just disagree a bit on this storm. I sure will be excited if I’m wrong! I missed seeing what my house looked like under 2-3 inches of snow, and would love to bust out the camera. I’ll update things this afternoon!


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