Sorry For The Delay II

January 24, 2010

As I typed my last entry I mentioned my stepbrother being diagnosed with acute leukemia. Due to complications from that, he passed away last Friday morning. It was stunning for everyone who knew him. This was an otherwise healthy young man with three kids. I flew up to St. Louis to be with my family, thus I wasn’t able to keep this blog fresh during the nearby tornadoes Wednesday evening.

That was quite a round of storms on Wednesday. Thankfully it looks like we are in the clear for the next several days. Temperatures will be pleasant, with lows near 40, and highs in the lower to middle 60s through at least Wednesday. Our next big wave of rain will usher in much colder air. This is the type of set up that will bring us a good shot of rain, and a small potential for some very light snow Friday night or Saturday morning. Accumulations wouldn’t be an issue, but if things bear out as they look like they may, we could see a few light snow showers in that time frame. I’ll be watching closely!



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