Heavy Storms

January 29, 2010

It looks like some heavy rain and thunderstorms will scoot through this morning. An isolated storm could become severe, with the main threat being damaging wind. Wow! Lightning just hit right by my house at 8:05 A.M. I better go print my shirts in case the lights go out! Man, that was close!


Heavy Rain

January 28, 2010

Well, it looks like some heavy rain is on tap, though most if not all of it will hold off until early Friday. I’m talking 1-2 inches with a few 3 inch totals here. We’re certainly used to that amount of rainfall around here over the last few months! One slightly interesting thing is that some low level moisture will be left behind the cold front. That could squeeze out a few snow flurries or sleet pellets on Saturday. No accumulation will occur, but anytime we see a flake down here, it’s worth a mention.


Sorry For The Delay II

January 24, 2010

As I typed my last entry I mentioned my stepbrother being diagnosed with acute leukemia. Due to complications from that, he passed away last Friday morning. It was stunning for everyone who knew him. This was an otherwise healthy young man with three kids. I flew up to St. Louis to be with my family, thus I wasn’t able to keep this blog fresh during the nearby tornadoes Wednesday evening.

That was quite a round of storms on Wednesday. Thankfully it looks like we are in the clear for the next several days. Temperatures will be pleasant, with lows near 40, and highs in the lower to middle 60s through at least Wednesday. Our next big wave of rain will usher in much colder air. This is the type of set up that will bring us a good shot of rain, and a small potential for some very light snow Friday night or Saturday morning. Accumulations wouldn’t be an issue, but if things bear out as they look like they may, we could see a few light snow showers in that time frame. I’ll be watching closely!


Sorry For The Delay

January 14, 2010

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me and the family. Kristen’s grandmother passed away after what we all thought was just a simple fall. I can definitely say that I’ll never look at another obituary and say “at least they led a long life”. Kristen’s Maw Maw was 76 and still had a lot of living left to do. Rest in peace Maw Maw Beth….. On top of that, we just found out yesterday that my step brother Jeff has acute leukemia. If you’re a prayer, please pray for him, his wife, and his three great kids.

The weather looks a bit wet through the weekend, though we will (for a change) be safely above freezing. More interesting to me is a storm system rolling this way around next Thursday. That one could pack a severe weather threat. I’ll have details as that closes in on our area!


I’m back from the frozen grounds of Missouri, and I have to tell you, it’s not terribly different here.  I mean, 30s do feel like 50s to me right now, but soon enough we will see temperatures that will rival normal levels of cities like Kansas City, MO, and Indianapolis IN.  From all I can see, this cold dump of air could be a once in ten to fifteen year event. 

We’re already in the midst of a cold pattern here, and there is a hard freeze warning tonight.  Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.  Temperatures will dive well into the 20s tonight and tomorrow night.  In between cold blasts we will see a low pressure develop over the Gulf of Mexico.  As this happens, we’ll see rain break out, and possibly change  to some sort of mixture of rain, sleet, and eventually snow.  I think any accumulation would be very minor.  The one thing to watch is the speed of the Arctic air.  Models have trouble resolving airmasses like this sometimes, and if the cold air arrive six hours sooner, there’s a chance we could be talking about some travel issues.  I’m not sold on that, but do expect to at least see some flakes and or sleet pellets.

The cold air itself could possibly bring us 48-60 hours below freezing.   That would include at least two nights with lows in the 14-19 range.  This is pipe busting, agriculture affecting cold, and all precautions should be made for extreme cold as this airmass approaches.  Friday and Saturday mornings appear to be the biggest problems as of now.   Make sure exposed pipes are wrapped or insulated, plenty of wood is stacked up out back if you have a fireplace, any tender vegetation is covered or brought in if possible, and bring those pets in!  I know this kind of cold can be devastating to certain types of agriculture.  Use the next 3 to 4 days to get things in order as best you can.


Historic Cold?

January 2, 2010

I just sprinted to my car here in St. Louis. Why would I ever sprint anywhere? It’s 7 degrees outside, that’s why. I always have the thought in the back of my head that it could be this cold up here. I never think it could possibly get that cold in Louisiana. Unfortunately, it looks like we could get closer to that number than any of us would ever like to. I’m all for extreme weather, but dry cold is my least favorite. If it’s going to get cold, you better at least throw some snow in for me!

Snow isn’t entirely out of the question sometime Thursday as the arctic front passes by. Glancing at recent model data provides at least a threat of a snow shower or sleet pellet as the cold air assaults the deep south. I really think the worst of that storm will be to our north and east. So that leaves us with potentially record breaking cold. I still don’t want to nail down details quite yet, but it is increasingly likely that we will see lows in the teens, and highs having trouble getting above freezing. The only recent analog I can think of is Christmas of 2004. That was the day we kept highs near freezing over most of the area, though lows weren’t in that damaging mid teens area that we could possibly see. There is a load of snow cover for this air to move over up north. It will be modified a bit as it treks southward, though not as much as we’d like to see. I’m thinking Friday and Saturday morning could bring us some of the coldest air we’ve seen in years. Be ready for it!