Still Soggy!

December 17, 2009

The posts have been limited lately due to an impromptu surprise drive to St. Louis for my mom’s 60th birthday party. It was lots of fun. She had no idea we were coming, and I was hidden under the cover of a Santa suit when I made my grand entrance to the party. The weather was largely boring and cooperative with our trip, so I don’t have cool pics of a winter wonderland………… unfortunately.

Our weather has been anything but boring, and it seems we just cannot shake the rain. This system that is raining on us today was “supposed” to pass safely to our south dumping all of its rain over the open water of the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, like all other systems lately, it made the turn to dump its full load of rain over central and southern Louisiana. Fortunately, the worst will miss us to the south on this one. I think most totals will be below an inch in Rapides parish, with a sharp rise in rain totals as you head south. There could be more flooding down there. This rain won’t help us for sure, but it could be much worse.

Beyond that, the long range forecast is tricky at best. Peeking toward Christmas reveals the possibility of much colder air. In this El Nino winter, we’ve already seen what can happen when cold air moves this far south for an extended period of time. El Nino years give us more storms here in the south, and when you combine moisture with cold air, all bets are off. I’m not sold on any frozen precipitation in the next ten days, but we’ll really have to watch from 12-24 through 12-28.


One Response to “Still Soggy!”

  1. Momma Sharon said

    I’m so happy that you enjoyed your visit as much as I did you Santa you!!!

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