Frozen Precipitation?

December 1, 2009

I have a very busy day ahead, but wanted to pop a quick update on about the possibilities of frozen precipitation Friday into early Saturday.  Yesterday I had one Sarah Palin (rogue) model suggesting the possibility of some light snow late Friday.  Today there are several more models suggesting this is a “possibility”.  All are certainly not forecasting a slam dunk heavy snow event, but some are predicting accumulating snow here or nearby.  I’d say this is a tough time of year to get accumulating snow if it weren’t for the 3-7 inches of tough to accumulate snow we saw last December 10th to our south!  There is still some question to how cold the temperature profile will be, and how much moisture will be available.  Heck, there’s still a question if this disturbance will even materialize.  That being said, the onset of wintry possibilities is inside 84 hours now.  I’ll try and update after the morning runs are in.  As my favorite snow lovers website says…………..  Think snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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