Cold Air Still Coming

November 26, 2009

It’s just a slow process! It always seems like the models signal these things for a week or two before they actually happen. Things are getting closer finally. It looks like a significant chunk of Arctic air will head this way late next week or next weekend. My preliminary guess would be that we would see widespread 20s in Louisiana. Again, it’s way too tough to call if there will be moisture available to make the kiddos (and me) happy. I’m watching that like a hawk.

Apart from future cold, the near term presents its own issues. Through Sunday things look great. After that, Monday and Tuesday look very wet. 1-3 inches of rain seems likely at this point, and there could be some totals that exceed that. In fact, the entire weather pattern appears to be shifting toward a more active time as December rolls in. Remember, it was one year ago on December 10 that we saw snow around a good part of Central Louisiana. Here’s hoping we do it again!

Oh, one more thing. There could be some patchy frost tonight. Lows will be in the mid 30s area wide, with some folks possibly touching 32. The plants should be just fine for now, though if you’re into totally minimizing all risk, there is like a 2% chance we’ll see temperatures totally bottom out to around 30. Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun, and watch some football! Actually looking at this slate of games, I don’t know how much football you actually should see.


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