Blog Update

November 24, 2009

When I started this blog I think I envisioned something a bit different than what it has become. I’m changing the format! Basically what I’ll be doing is blogging more intensely about big events, while abandoning my daily forecasts. You can get those daily forecasts from a number of different outlets, and in most cases they won’t be terribly different. So welcome to the new blog!

First things first…….. It looks like a major pattern change is on the way as December approaches. It looks like a big cooldown with a very active southern branch of the jet stream. That probably means a lot of cold rain in these parts, though this is the type of set up that could bring snow or ice close to our area. There is NOTHING indicating this is GOING to happen yet. The first step is getting the pattern to line up for an event like that, and it looks like we are headed that way. The devil is in the details and that is still much too far away to “get cute” with. I’ll most definitely keep you posted as snow is absolutely my thing.


One Response to “Blog Update”

  1. Mary Wilson said

    Miss seeing you and your weather forcasting on channel 5, i like your blogging and going more in depth into weather details.

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