Rain For All

September 11, 2009

Aside from a tropical system, we have about as good a set up for heavy rain as we can get. There will be fairly slow storm motions, a decent low level stream of moisture to sustain our heavy rain, and a pattern that just isn’t going to move much once it sets up. In fact, our more reliable model appears to be winning out again, and this pattern could linger in some fashion through next week. I still think the worst of it will happen through Monday, but the threat for heavy rain will linger. 3-6 inch average rainfall totals will be widespread through next Monday with more possible after that. There aren’t any flood watches yet due to the dry ground conditions. We can take several inches of rain before any flooding threat would materialize. That’s not to say that you might not want a gondola on Jackson St. later today, but the rivers and streams should behave for now. Here’s your forecast, as if you don’t know what it’s going to say.

Friday: Rain and thunderstorms off and on all day. Heavy rain is likely with highs only in the lower 80s. Wind will be from the east southeast at 5-10 mph.

Friday Night: There is a 70% chance for more rain and storms. Lows will be near 70.

Saturday: Heavy rain and thunderstorms will continue periodically. Highs will be in the lower 80s.

Saturday Night: There is a 70% chance for rain and thunderstorms. Lows will be near 70.

Sunday: There is an 80% chance for thunderstorms. Highs will be in the lower to middle 80s.

Monday through Thursday: I’ll put rain chances around 60% for Monday and Tuesday and only pull back to the 40-50% range for Wednesday and Thursday. If the upper low does in fact stall just to our west or right over us these numbers may be raised. Highs will be in the middle to upper 80s throughout and lows will fall back into the middle to upper 60s by Thursday. All in all, not much change to things as it looks like the wet weather will hold on for dear life. Good luck to those who put off bbq-ing until this weekend!



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