I’m Back, and it’s Hot!!!!!

August 4, 2009

Every time I leave this city, it gets filthy hot! I go to Canada, come back, it’s 105. I go to Mexico, come back, it’s 98. This is silly. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s Louisiana, and will always be hot this time of year? Eh, that answer is too easy.

The fam and I are back from our 4 day cruise that took us to Cozumel. The cruise was nice! The part of Cozumel near the cruise port was unfantastic, but still nice. We’d do the whole cruise thing again, but would definitely sell the children in Cozumel. Wait, I mean get them a babysitter for more of our time on the cruise.

I’m back in the blogging game! I was removed from internet on my cruise because I didn’t want to pay ridiculous money just to look at baseball scores. The tropics are trying to get a little more active, but with limited success thus far. The only area of concern is way out in the Atlantic, so for now, the forecast is pretty simple.

Today: Hot and dry…. High, 98. Wind, not strong enough from the south… about 5 mph.

Tonight: Mostly clear and warm. Lows will be in the mid 70s.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny with a high in the upper 90s.

Wed. Night: Mostly clear with a low in the mid 70s.

Thursday: Mostly sunny with highs again in the upper 90s.

(Sidebar) It’s nice to not have to fill three minutes on TV when the weather is this boring! It gets more interested in the extended.

Friday through Monday: Rain chances will return by Saturday. Rain chances will go from around 30% Saturday to 40-50% Sunday and Monday. This will take temperatures down into the lower to middle 90s, and these storms will be more traditional summer storms. They will form on the sea breeze and move this way from the south.

Have a great week!



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