Storms are Popping

July 26, 2009

As of 1:15 P.M there are some storms popping about 10 miles north of Alexandria. These should slide through the area and bring some heavy rain, plenty of lightning, and perhaps some gusty wind. Some steady light to moderate rain will follow over part of the area after the big storms finish plodding through. The active weather pattern is officially here. Enjoy it if you need the rain!

One more thing…… a few severe storms are possible with this kind of set up. I won’t be posting all warnings and watches on this site, but when I have the time, and a computer is handy, I’ll keep you posted. Basically, don’t depend on this site for every single update, but when possible, I’ll keep you posted!



4 Responses to “Storms are Popping”

  1. Linda Bailey said

    Well we missed the rain!
    Oh, BTW, I am Linda Bailey, as in THE Linda Bailey…LMAO!

  2. Uh oh, it’s THE Linda Bailey! When are we going to get that big ol’ seafood buffet again?

    • Linda Bailey said

      Our calendar is wide open. May have to do it soon before Jeff has to leave for school.

      I sure hope we get the predicted rain this week. I need it to get the remaining grass to fill in all the dead spots in the yard. I refused to water the yard and it shows. I even lost a 10 year old tree to the heat and drought.

  3. Linda Bailey said

    This site isn’t set up for Central Standard time. It says my last post was at 11:32 pm and it’s only 6:32 pm. Maybe it’s on my end.

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