Oh It’s Gonna Rain

July 26, 2009

Yeah, rain is on the way.  Even today we could end up getting some heavy showers.  Actually, with a little dry air left about 15-20 thousand feet up, today could be our best day to see a few severe storms.  Monday through Wednesday our atmosphere will be saturated which will limit the potential to transfer all that strong wind down to the surface.  Per the hydrometeorological prediction center found here…. http://www.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov/qpf/day1-5.shtml it looks like 3-5 inches of rain is possible over the next five days.  Most models agree, and I see no reason to deviate.  We’re really taking a bite out of this drought!  Maybe the rain was just waiting on me to leave!

Forecast details……….

Sunday:  Mostly cloudy with a few showers possible early.  There is a 60% chance for rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening with some heavy rain possible.  Highs will be near 90 with southwesterly wind around 5-15 mph, but stronger near storms.

Sunday Night:  A 30% chance for showers and thunderstorms.  Lows will be in the lower 70s.

Monday:  Mostly cloudy with a 70% chance for thunderstorms.  Heavy rain is again possible.  Highs will be in the middle to upper 80s.

Monday Night:  There is a 60% chance for thunderstorms.  Yes, they will even continue at night.  Lows will be in the lower to middle 70s.

Tuesday:  More rain, and possible lots more.  There is another 70% chance of thunderstorms, and that chance could end up being a little low.  Highs will be in the middle 80s.

Wednesday through Friday:  Wednesday looks really wet once again, with rain coverage around 70%.  Thursday and Friday still show decent rain chances, but they will return to earth a bit.  We’re looking at about 40-50% chances for rain on those days.  Highs will range from around 87 on Wednesday up to the lower to middle 90s for Thursday and Friday.   A quick preview of next weekend shows about 30-40% chances for afternoon storms with highs in the low to mid 90s.  So basically, normal summer stuff. 


Enjoy the rain if you need it!  If you don’t need it, call you local “professional” meteorologist and complain to them.  It’s not my fault anymore!!!!!  Now that was freeing!  Have a great Sunday.


2 Responses to “Oh It’s Gonna Rain”

  1. Melissa H. said

    Tks for the update!

  2. Momma Sharon said

    You will always be my “professional” meteorologist. I will trust your forecast anytime, even your forecasts for St. Louis. Keep up the great work son!

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