KALB Farewell

July 15, 2009

The secret seems to be getting out, so I wanted to clear everything up. A few weeks ago I gave my notice, and my last day at KALB-TV is July 24th. Over the last several years, more and more of my time and energy has gone to my wife’s business and we are going to go full bore at that starting July 24th.  On that day I go from weatherman to t shirt maker/monogrammer/promotional item guy.  *Shameless plug alert* Contact us at the website listed below for any project we can help with!  I’ve lived a dream over the last 7 ½ years doing the weather at KALB. I never had another thought about a career other than to be a “weatherman”, and I’m proud to say I did it. It’s funny how things change as you grow, and as things around you change with that growth. I would never have pictured this path for my life, but am so glad for the new opportunity I have. My wife is a freak of nature. She’s grown this business largely on her own over the last 12 years, and has it to a point where it can sustain our whole family. She’s broken her back working over those 12 years, had two great children along the way, not missed a beat raising them, and even married a wayward weather dude on that journey. It’s time for me to take some of that load off of her, and in that process spend more time with the family. We are already together most of the time, but this move will allow us to be on every field trip, be at every doctor’s visit, and work together each time someone in the house is sick. If that’s not a dream job, I don’t know what is. I’ll still be around town. In fact, you’ll probably see more of me! If you’d like to contact us at Louisiana Pro Stitch, go to http://www.tshirtgirl.net/. I’ll also be keeping a blog at https://weathernick.wordpress.com/. I’ll still talk some weather over there, and when time permits hopefully do some storm chasing and weather photography for your viewing pleasure. Thank you to KALB for 7 ½ great years, and thanks to all of you for taking in a kid from up north and inviting him into your home every morning.



15 Responses to “KALB Farewell”

  1. Jan Jeffus said

    Go for it Nick, life is too short. There have been many things I have not done in my life and have regretted most of it. The biggest regret was the job I tuned down….Many many years ago….was offered a job in the secretarial pool of the FBI in Washington DC….I was 19 and turned it down….I would have been there for Watergate….what a fool I was.

  2. Leetha Harris said

    How proud I am to call you and Kristen friends.
    You and your wonderful family will be in my daily prayers.
    Stay in touch!

  3. Jennifer Johnson said

    Nick, we are very happy for you in that you will be able to spend more time with your family and help out Kristen with the business, but on the other hand we are sad because we will not be seeing that happy go lucky weatherman every morning as we are all getting ready to head to the office. You will be missed! Good Luck!

  4. mark lioret said


    congratulations! that’s awesome! though we’ll all miss you on tv – you were a great counterpart to tom – i’m happy for this change for you and your family – i’m about 6 months in to a change of career that has allowed me to do many of the same things you were talking about with my family that i never could before – and no $$ is worth giving that up! oh and if you’re trying to figure out who i am – don’t worry about it, we’ve never met or anything… maybe we will someday now..

  5. Ethel said

    Nick & Kristen-
    What an awesome adventure. Make the most of every moment and remember to judge your success by the degree you enjoy peace, health and love…those things can not be purchased.

  6. Bill Conerly said

    Congratulations on your move.Have fun with it every day.I know that you and Kristen will do well, and look forward to hearing great things about you in your new endeavor.

  7. Michele said

    It has been such a pleasure to work with you Nick! You and Kristen are going to take that business and fly – I have no doubt about it. Has it really been 7 1/2 years? Favorite memory? Just about everyday because you really are a great person to work with. God Speed – oh and enjoy your holiday’s too :))!!!
    Bookmarked your blog – WAY TO GO!

  8. Ben Mikulas said

    Nick is my brother, I am so proud of him, I miss him every day, it sucks not being able to see my bro. For the longest time I wanted him back but am glad he is happy in life because thats all that matters. I look up to him every day and am glad I will get to see him more often. He needed this for a while and im glad it finally happen. Love ya Nick. Now we will get mugg up in this club.

  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone, especially Ben! Nice work there little bro. That’s just another reason for this move. I’ll now be able to go home to see my family more. Twice a year just doesn’t cut it for me. Ben and I will have to roll out and see our Grandma soon. We’ll kidnap her and take her to lunch. It will be like a Golden Girls episode!

  10. Momma Sharon said

    This is one proud momma! After reading the comment from Ben my heart is just filled with such happiness. I am so proud of both of my boys and so happy that we will all be able to spend much more quality time together both in Louisiana and St. Louis.

  11. Nick, I can’t imagine starting my day without you and Al! I am so proud of Kristen and you! You two are amazing people whom I am so privileged to know. Good luck, God bless you and wonderful thoughts going your way. What a great life and a great family you have!

    • John Robert said

      You will be missed, Nick. Am thankful for the 7 1/2 years of wit, humor & talent that you brought to the Station; and most especially your refreshing vocabulary.

  12. Sheryl said

    We (my boyfriend and I) are gonna miss you on Channel 5 weather. I am proud that you want to be with your family more though. I will however visit your site sooner or later. go for Nick. Tell the family love to all!!! god Bless you in your travels, to keep you and your family safe. I will be praying for you.

  13. Lisa said

    Thank you for the 7 1/2 years. I understand why you are leaving. Just know that the school year will definitely be different without Nick Mick to get us started in the morning. God Bless you and your family.

  14. Mike said

    Greetings from Mike Missouri… A small town in Camdenton County… 7 of our 9 residents were saddened by the news that we won’t have the opportunity to have you become chief meteorologist of our humble town. Guess we all will have to eat humble pie. Could you make us a t-shirt to commemerate this dark day for us all… Mike

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